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About us

Sled Studio is a tailor-made school management information system for school leaders and office staff which provides the tools needed to efficiently manage the school life. It is efficient, secure, easy to use and saves everybody valuable time so that schools can focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Through utilising the solutions Sled Studio has to offer, data can be accessed, managed and shared easily and securely throughout the school, promoting efficient practices, all through the user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Sled Studio can be accessed from anywhere in the world and on any device with an internet connection. It is a cloud-native, software as a service (SaaS) and works in a browser – no need to install anything on your computer! Whether you are a small school or a large school group, Sled Studio is the perfect solution for you as it is infinitely scalable and modular, so you get a tailored solution just for the needs of your school! MAKE IT YOUR OWN!


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Central register

Individual profiles

The system allows you to see all student and staff individual details in one place, just like their own CV! You can share and export this data as PDF easily but securely! This is where you store key information including contact details, addresses, phone numbers, emails, photographs, and more. There is also access to the more sensitive, personal data including the student’s medical information and learning support records. For staff the data includes the identity checks, DBS, qualifications, references, etc.

Student, staff and parent database

Securely save and store all student and staff data in one place. Create, export and print filtered lists in PDF or Excel within seconds!

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Track and report student attendance with ease – school hours or after school activities.
Students can be recorded as present, absent or late.
An auto-calculated dashboard gives you attendance summary based on the entire school, individual year groups subjects and even students.


Enter and share important events with selected groups: management, parents, students, staff, etc.
You decide who gets the access to which calendar or specific event or meeting.

From now no one will forget about your events!

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Enter and share important events with selected groups: management, parents, students, staff, etc. You decide who gets the access to which calendar or specific event or meeting.
From now no one will forget about your events!

Learn more about Sled Studio. It is efficient, secure and easy to use.

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Performance tracker & reports

UK National, Cambridge International, IB or other curriculum – Record, update and monitor your students progress, analyse attainment, inform & report to others. The system is intuitive and easy to use with modern layout and minimum clicks needed.

Export tailor-made informative and meaningful PDF report cards which can be easily sent to parents. There is an option to add an approval process before reports can be released.

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Access for parents

The parents have separate logins for their own area where they can monitor their children’s academic progress in real time. This saves valuable time and enables everybody to stay on top of the children’s current needs, be it more challenge or work on weaknesses.


Gain control of all your internal and external communications through Sled Studio and send targeted messages to students, parents, teachers and associated contacts from one centrally managed module in a safe environment.

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Student behaviour

Help your students excel by implementing a school discipline strategy and process. Teachers easily submit discipline reports, principals and parents have the data they need at their fingertips.

Less time for student discipline issues, better discipline, improved classroom education!

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High Data Security

When developing a content-rich platform, such as a tailor-made school management information system, data storage, and data security is of high importance as data breaches can cost schools millions.
Guided by the fact that the application has a wide range of functionalities such as data XLS import and export, PDF export, generate PDF on fly, reports and charts export etc. to provide users with a fast, scalable and secure place to store documents, we turned to AWS S3. AWS S3 provides server side encryption where S3-managed keys encrypt files before saving it to disk and decrypts it when users request access to the file. AWS S3 made it extremely simple to store and retrieve files from any device, proving to be a highly scalable solution.


Sled has had a tremendous impact on my daily duties in terms of saving my time and completing tasks accurately and efficiently, compared to other platforms I have used previously. Starting from central register, to instant access to the filtered lists of the students or staff, to my now top two favourite – generating reports and performance tracking - this platform has made the whole managing data experience more easy and enjoyable for me. I would recommend it to every school.

head of school

Having worked in many educational settings, I can assure you that Sled Studio is by far the best school management system I have come across. Its user-friendly interface allows straightforward navigation from day one. Sled Studio has everything in one place. It really is student management made easy!


Our school used to use an internally created database and it was difficult was us teachers. Sled Studio makes it easy with some new features such as endless filtered lists, PDF and Excel export, after school activities attendance and management and many more.


Before Sled we used to manage our school admin with different Microsoft Office (mainly excel) files, shared drives and ad-hoc emails, which rendered the processes very labour intensive and prone to errors. Sled help us streamline and eliminate unnecessary files and processes and is now our school's one-stop shop database and admin tool.

Administration Officer

Sled Studio provides me with a wealth of information at my finger tips and allows me to monitor what is happening at school, no matter where I am. It helps me to identify trends, thus providing opportunities to put in place interventions when necessary. It also enables quick and easy communication with parents making it a valuable tool for any school leader.

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